The Men’s Home Program is a nine to twelve month discipleship program designed to help men in difficult situations transform into men of God.

Through this program men are given a place to stay, a job with the SOS work program, taught necessary life skills (i.e. managing finances, building healthy relationships, etc.), and study God’s Word daily. We equip them with the tools and accountability they need to become the men God has made them to be.

Cross Central - Recovery Center

We provide detox, residential and outpatient recovery services for adults suffering and seeking recovery from drug and/or alcohol addictions. Each client is evaluated to develop an individualized treatment program to ensure their success at becoming alcohol and drug free adults. Our team of experts will walk each client through the recovery process, every step of the way. We specialize in faith-based treatment. Our gospel-centered approach offers a unique solution to the epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction. With a wide range of treatment options, our team of professional counselors, therapists, and pastors are here for you. Through our spiritual approach of addiction treatment we not only address the physical and mental battle but also the spiritual root of addiction. Coupled with the Good News of the gospel and the work of the cross as the foundation of treatment and the results are nothing short of miraculous. Through a gospel-centered approach to addiction treatment and faith-based modalities, we offer holistic transformation of mind, body and spirit.